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ok...now because somehow it all cleared up itself, i have to write everything down all over again...that s annoying!!


anyways, i got a great music exam yesterday...i guess i ll get full points on that:)

but they re not over yet of course...i got the spanish exam tomorrow...that s a bit scary though *bites nails*


alper did not call me throughout the day...he used to call me everyday but today he just didnt...i dont know how is it going to be but i feel the end is near..ironically tomorrow is our 11th month together...


pfff...sooo tired today...all i did today was to eat and to study spanish...what a waste of time!!!  Turkish is a very different language from any of the latin languages and that makes almost every language non-translateable to Turkish...those article stuff for example...i had to spend my whole childhood to understand what those are:) now i know three foreign languages --sort of-- and still there are lots of unclear things to me...for example i don t understand the difference between the usage of "para que + presente de subjuntivo" and "para + verbo infinitivo"...in Turkish there is no strict differences between those:)


better get to work:((


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