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ok...got back from istanbul

had a great holiday...the concert was extremely fantastic!!! one of the most enjoyable performances i have ever watched..

ian brown sang almost everything from stone roses to his own albums..his performance was massive..i was at the front line but close to the left edge where the speakers were...so i couldnt have had a great satisfaction in terms of technical sound stuff..but the setlist was cool and the performance was cool for sure...i m glad there were no violence or anything..

super furry animals...yaaay to them! i got a setlist!:)
the problem with them was the setlist actually...they could play very good songs instead of some sleepy ones back to back...i think there were lots of people who actually did not have a clue about who they are and those kinds of songs are not really attractive for most people...i liked them though:) anyways...they could have at least played the golden retriveer!...i guess they were a bit shocked to be the headliner..

there were rumors that ian brown had a problem with them being the headliner...

my grandpa is not well:( he is in hospital now..he has 2 of his veins stuffed and needs to have an operation tomorrow morning...the doctors said that he may not survive...:(( this is the sad news today...

gotta go now..
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