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today was mom s birthday...so happy birthday to her *yaays* she s now 47!

in about a month, i ll be watching the cure, hot hot heat and the tears live! thats fantastic isnt it! i m counting back the days...:)

i think me and my high school buddies are gonna have a great holiday after the festival..that will be great i feel it:)

and after those stuff are done i ll be starting to pack up for nottingham...
i dont really know how is it going to be holding on to a long-distance relationship with alper but i guess we may handle that...at least i hope...

pff..i need to get to learn some cooking! cant cook anything...:(
and i wonder if the laundry rooms do have some irons and ironing boards...i have no idea because we dont use any laundry rooms here...

anyways...lots to think about again...

btw i started to read "the hitchhiker s guide to the galaxy" today...looks fun:)

thats all for now. bye
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